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Monday, March 21, 2016

Signs Gone Wrong

After living in Korea for nearly 3 years, it's become hard to discern what's uniquely Korean and what might be something Korea has adopted from the US since I've been gone (and therefore isn't funny to anyone but me).  But I don't care.  Here are signs that made me laugh in delight or horror.  I'll warn you before we get to R-rated ones.  :)

Posted at the construction site for a new dorm on campus.
 I don't know what the Korean means, but the English is downright charming.
If you can't find the babe of the fire, you might want to call 911.

Worst. Slogan. Ever. 

Don't indeed.

Food-related signs:
Why one would choose a food name so similar to a poop-related swear is just inexplicable.

Well, thank you for your honesty, Dunkin'' Donuts.  

I can't decide if it's the appearance of this (fancy) Dunkin' Donut pastry or its description that turned me off.
Is your food too cold?  Add some of this to warm it right up.

I have no idea what this restaurant intends to convey. 

Moving into PG-13 signs now.  The sheer variety of Korean signs for restrooms continue to make me laugh like an eight-year-old.

Wondering what the Korean says?  Make a hearty grunting sound and you've nailed it.

Don't judge - we've all had to go this badly. 

This seems less about proper gender segregation than positional preference.

I really want to believe that "beauty" was the intended translation here.

And now for the R-rated signs, courtesy of an ex-pat friend visiting a local hospital for a COMPLETELY different procedure.

Public waiting area with typical blood pressure monitor and a sign about...?
Oh.  Oh no.  Oh no no no.
My beloved TA later translated for me:
Above "return the virgin" it says "a winking woman is attractive",
which I honestly can't connect to the rest of this plastic surgery ad...

And there you have it, dear reader.  Let me know which you liked best or any insights you might have about these signs.  :)