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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Law of the Jungle: Korean Garden Barbie Drama

So this happened at the community garden this morning....

"Help!  Help!" screamed the tiny, dark-haired woman.

She motioned for me to follow as she fled along the path.

She gestured ahead as we ran.

She stopped and silently indicated something across the Bailey's garden.

Creeping closer, she pointed again, beyond the lettuce.

Oh!  Dear Lord!  IS THAT AN ARM??

And what lay further, beyond the arm??

Dedicated to John Bailey, whose garden has many surprises.  :)
Special thanks to the Tia the Jindo Dog, props manager.

And if you like bloopers, we did have a wardrobe malfunction ... 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Dog Mommy: Childless Korean Woman

A lovely Korean woman and her boyfriend/husband came to the seaside cafe where I was hanging out with friends (Page 38 cafe and pension - between Odo-ri and Wolpo-ri). As they set up near us, I noticed that their tiny dog came with baggage, including a halter top and its own folding chair.  Now, Koreans with small, well-dressed dogs is not uncommon.  But this?  I could not stop staring at the hour-long photo shoot and utter neglect of the boyfriend/husband.  Here's photo proof; I can't make this up.  ;)

Woman in lounge chair photographs dog in its own chair. 

Dog replaces woman in lounge chair. 

Um.  She is suggesting poses for the dog.  But what's that picture on her phone case?? 

I. Just. Can't.

Friday, January 18, 2019

On today's clothesline: Octopus

She hates the water.  But birds?  This silly pup will slip her collar
to "chase" birds up trees or track flying crows.
It's a fairly warm day in January: mid-40s (F), sunny blue sky, light wind.  Let's go to the beach, we said.  Run the dog around a bit.  See what's happening in the local villages.

We see some new pensions (like small motels) with inexplicable names like "Do Not Disturb" or inexplicable mascots like Disney's Pinocchio.

We see some men fishing from shore.  A few young couples take selfies against the lovely blue water.  We see lots of seagulls, which makes our dog wild.

Finally, driving back home, we see that some folks have hung their laundry out to dry.  Next to the road.  And... we see what they're having for dinner.  :)


Yup.  Steamed octopus.