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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Rice cakes: Sweet treats or dry as a desert?

This new shop got its big English sign right, if one wants a tasty sweet rice treat.  The sign on the door, though, suggested a rather different sort of experience waiting inside.

The old Bread in the Eye problem

It's a story that does not improve with length or details, so here is the version I'm telling.

Elisabeth whipped a very stale heel of a baguette at brother David, but it missed him and hit me RIGHT IN THE EYEBALL.  

The pain was real.  The bread crumbs I had to scrape off my eyeball were real.  Now, a day later, all I have to do is give her a meaningful look, open my eye wide to show the bloodshot spot, and she will do anything I ask.  

P.S.  Why didn't I go to the doctor for treatment of my corneal contusion?  Because it's hard enough talking to Korean medical staff about normal problems; how in the world could I possible "daughter - old bread - eyeball" and not be put into a mental hospital?  :)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Strange death pronouncement (AND a grand re-opening)

Beloved readers:  I am not really sure how I painted myself into the "blogs are fully researched documentaries" corner, but I no longer wish to write those.  So for now, I shall use this space for brief observations from daily life on a university-owned mountaintop in rural Korea.

The photo taken April 12, 2018, shows Coast Guard officials carrying out rescue work after a local fishing boat collided with a Tanzanian cargo ship in waters off the country's southwestern coast of Sinan, leaving one dead and five missing. (Yonhap)
Today's Korean newspaper reports that a small fishing boat hit a huge reefer ship in the night. In a strange decision by the writers (and editor), this little detail was reported:

"One sailor was found around 1:25am.  He was not breathing and did not have a pulse.  He died soon after."

Huh.  Yup.  Sounds dead to me.

P.S. I had to look up "reefer ship."  And, indeed, it is NOT a big old marijuana transportation device, but a refrigerated cargo ship.  Ah.

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