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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Roses and Rices: International Adventures

Tracey, a passionate lover of roses, took us to the Bukbu (Youngildae) Beach gardens in Pohang, South Korea.
I got myself educated on differences between tea roses and floribunda, etc.
And, in true Korean style, we were forced-ish to don headbands and pose for pictures in the "poto jone."

Climbing and bush roses near Pohang's landmark pier.

This ajumma chose an unusual semi-squatting selfie by the roses.

A garden volunteer was happy to answer all the questions Tracey didn't even have.
Then we escaped for some coffee and pastries.

The next day, friend Judy and I visited the local fields to watch farmers plant the rice seedlings, which are grown in local greenhouses.  (You may recall my earlier blog about rice harvesting.)   Judy did lots of chatting with the folks in Korean while I snuck pictures.

This family plants fields across the highway from our home, Handong University
(the campus power tower is on the far right horizon).

The man of the family always drives the plows and planters. 

The wife assists from the field edges by reloading the planter and shouting things at her husband.

Daughters/helpers also dress in colorful layers to guard against mud and sun;
they easily stand out against the muddy fields and green trees. 
Thanks to modern technology, there's always time for selfies in the rice paddies.

Rice planters are amazing machines - fingered wheels pluck
each plant from a horizontally sliding tray of seedlings and stuff them into the mud with a bit of fertilizer.

This man (brother/uncle?) said just one thing to Judy:  "Diet!"
Harrumph.  Now I have posted this unflattering picture of him.
Take that, rude beer-belly man.

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